The Origins Of Sour Diesel and It’s Medical Use

When it comes to strains of marijuana, one of the best known is Sour Diesel. Famous for its strong smell which has been compared, rather unflatteringly, to diesel (hence its name), this strain is incredibly popular because of its impressive strength. As a hybrid sativa strain, Sour Diesel is sometimes described as a blend of cannabis and caffeine because of its uplifting properties, and uplifting is definitely the right word, since the strongest Sour Diesel has been tested and found to have a THC content that is as high as 30.6 percent.

The Properties of Sour Diesel

With its pungent citrussy aroma, Sour Diesel is high in three terpenes: Humulene, caryophyllene and alpha-Pinene. It was given the title of 4th most popular cannabis strain in the USA in 2016, and it has held popular sway for some years now, ever since its heyday back in 2004 when it was known as a premium strain with prices for just 1 oz coming in at more than $1000 on Wall Street. Although these prices have come down, you can still expect to pay the best part of $200 in a dispensary for Sour Diesel today.

Where Does Sour Diesel Come From?

Sour Diesel’s origins are somewhat obscure, with it being a cross of an unknown Skunk phenotype with Original Diesel. There are several different accounts of its beginnings – for example, one famous account has traced the seeds back to a bag of cannabis which was sold in 1990 in Indiana at a Grateful Dead concert, while Jeff Hobbs, an American journalist, claims that the strain was developed by his friend Robert Peace before he died in 2011. Yet another version states that Sour Diesel was grown in New York during the 90s by an individual only known as “AJ.” Although its origins are shrouded in mystery, this powerful strain includes genes that come from Pakistan, Kashmir and Nepal, and it may well be descended from Northern Lights, Super Skunk and Chemdawg. It is also said to be an ancestor of the Sour Tsunami and Tsunami strains.

The Use Of Sour Diesel

Even though it has a strong flavor, Sour Diesel is a popular cooking ingredient, and recommendations including pairing it with a variety of foods from porterhouse steaks to tomato bisque. It is also said to work well in conjunction with alcohol, and while tequila is the liquor of choice, it is said to be perfect with Scotch, Prosecco or absinthe.

Sour Diesel’s fame is so widespread that it has been mentioned in numerous popular works including featuring as the name of a Doap Nixon rap album and a single from Dame Grease. Sour Diesel is mentioned in a rap called “Face Off” by The Flatbush Zombies and it is one of Wiz Khalifa’s favorite strains. It has even appeared on Broad City, an online TV show in the possession of one of the main characters.

Although it may not have the clearest past, Sour Diesel is still one of the best known hybrid strains out there and its popularity is likely to continue long into the future.

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